` Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club
UTC New York    

The Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club (GSBARC) has three repeaters.
All three operate under the club's call sign, W2GSB.
Callsign Output Input PL Tone Echolink/IRLP
W2GSB W2GSB W2GSB W2TOB WD2NY WR2UHF KB2UR *W2YMM 146.685 MHz 223.860 MHz 440.850 MHz 440.250 MHz 445.725 MHz 445.700 MHz 446.775 MHz 927.3125 MHz 146.085 MHz 222.260 MHz 445.850 MHz 445.250 MHz 440.725 MHz 449.700 MHz 441.775 MHz 902.3125 MHz 110.9 Enc/Dec
110.9 Enc
110.9 Enc/Dec
114.8 Enc/Dec
110.9 Enc
D606 Enc/Dec
IRPL 9053

IRLP 4700
IRLP 9053
*Affiliated repeater - not owned by GSBARC
All repeaters are open systems.
All licensed Amateur Radio operators with the proper
equipment are free to use any of the W2GSB repeaters.

During emergencies the repeaters may be used for emergency communications and all users must stand
down during the emergency.

For additional information on the use of the repeaters,
check out the GSBARC Repeater Guidelines.

Repeater Committee Chairman - Bill Fastenau, WB2QGZ
W2GSB Trustee - Bill Dahl, W2ANQ