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2018 Events
GSBARC participates in many different types of events during the year.
Some events we sponsor and others we assist with.
These events are handled by volunteers who usually work with their own or
club owned equipment.
Participating in these events also helps increase public knowledge of Amateur Radio.
During some of these events GSBARC provides communications in support for
local Law Enforcement and EMS.
  • Hope for the Warrior Run - Saturday Nov 10, 2018 6am – 12pm Public Service Event
    Babylon Town Hall Park
    200 Sunrise Hwy
    Lindenhurst, NY 11757 (Map)
    Official Website
  • Ham Radio University - January 5, 2019
    This event is sponsored by the NYC\LI Section of the ARRL. 
    The event is an series of forums on Amateur Radio that promote interest in Amateur Radio.
  • The American Airpower Museum - May 19-20, 2018
    Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club, W2GSB/APM.
    Armed Forces weekend from the historic Republic Airport.
    A special event station to honor our service men and women of the armed forces who have given so much. The radio operators will be operating from the Historic Republic Airfield. Home of many of the aircrafts that were used to help support our troops and defend freedom. Please feel free to come down and visit the radio operators and this piece of history. The Airpower Museum is located on New Highway.
  • Field Day - June 23-24, 2018
    Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club, W2GSB. Field Day.
    Field Day demonstration of amateur radio and how it can be used in the event of an emergency. Please come early to see the radio operators set up all kinds of antennas and equipment. If you would like you too can even try it out with the assistance of an experienced operator.
    Field day will be set up at Babylon Town Hall East Lawn 200 Sunrise Highway Lindenhurst New York
  • Cross Bay Swim - July 13, 2018 - Public Service Event
    A 5 mile + swim from the Fire Island Lighthouse pier to the Gilbert Park, Brightwaters, NY
    Tom, N2MIG for more info.
  • Fire Island Lighthouse - August 18-19, 2018
    Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club, W2GSB/LH. Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend at the Fire Island Lighthouse. The Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club will be operating from the historic Fire Island Lighthouse located on Fire Island, New York. Come down and relive history as the radio operators talk to other lighthouses around the world. They will use radios and wire antennas just like Marconi did in 1901.
    A short article about Lighthouse Weekend >
    Click Here<
    For more info about the Fire Island Lighthouse visit

    International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend


    Duration 48 hours from 0001 UTC 18.8.2012

    For more information about the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend visit
  • Babylon Village Fair - September 9, 2018 (Rain date Sep 16) 9am-5pm - Public Service Event 
    The Great South Bay amateur radio club will be demonstrating amateur radio at the Babylon Village Fair and providing radio communications for public safety. Come enjoy a lovely country fair and food and stop by the amateur radio operators to see what it is all about. Fun for everyone!
  • Jamboree on The Air - JOTA - October 19-21, 2018
    Boy Scouts of America event at the Babylon EOC.
    Overnight event - operators needed.
    More details coming soon.
  • USS San Diego Memorial Special Event - July 16-23, 2018
    100 years ago on July 19, 1918 the USS San Diego was steaming northeast of the Fire Island Lightship when an explosion occurred on the cruiser's port side adjacent to the port engine room and well below the waterline. The bulkhead at the site of the explosion was warped so that the watertight door between the engineroom and No. 8 fireroom could not be shut, and both compartments immediately flooded. Captain Christy assumed that the ship had been torpedoed and immediately sounded submarine defense quarters and ordered all guns to open fire on anything resembling a periscope. He called for full speed ahead on both engines and hard right rudder, but was told that both engines were out of commission and that the machinery compartments were rapidly flooding. The ship had taken on a 9° list and water began pouring in through one of the 6-inch (150 mm) gun ports, flooding the gun deck.
    The Special Event is being held in memorial of the six sailors that lost their lives that day.
  • Annual Winter Night Out - TBA
    A time for the all of the membership and their family to get together and socialize.