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  • Media Creation Tool x86 : Forces 32 bit Windows 10 upgrade (Must have Windows 7 or higher.)
  • Media Creation Tool x64 : Forces 64 bit Windows 10 upgrade (Must have Windows 7 or higher.)
  • Defrag : Auslogics Defrag Utility Version 6.
  • CCleaner : CCleaner. Cleans your PC from unused files.
  • WinDirStat : Searches your entire drive and shows you what you have on it in pretty colors.
  • Check Prolific Chip Version : Great utility in finding what chip you have when installing on your computer.
  • Macrium 5.0 (ISO) : A great **FREE** imaging program for imaging hard drives. Ex. mechanical to SSD. (Its no longer free)
  • Disable Windows 10 upgrade : Run this to remove the pesky Windows 10 upgrade icon in system tray icon. This will make a registry change to your computer.
  • Remove-KB3097877 : Microsoft screwed up the KB3097877 security patch that broke Outlook, blocks network logons, crashes the Asus DX Xonar driver, and kills Win7 sidebar gadgets and SolidWorks, among others. This cmd file removes the patch. MS has re-issued a fix, but I would make sure its the correct one by running this and uninstalling which ever you have. Windows update will automatically download the correct patch later on.